GHTV servers closing in December.

Activision has announced that the servers for the GHTV mode in Guitar Hero Live will be shutting down on 1st December and will no longer be available to play afterwards.

Until then, players can still enjoy all the content within the GHTV mode, including the Premium Shows.

GHTV in-game purchases have already been turned off, however, players can still use Hero Cash and items on hand until 30th November. After this date, Hero Cash and items will no longer be usable.

The Guitar Hero Live mode on consoles will continue to operate as normal.

As long as they don’t update the software, players who have the Guitar Hero Live app installed on their iOS devices can still access the GHTV mode until the servers are closed. The mobile app is no longer available to download unless you own it and have previously downloaded it, in which case you can retrieve it from the cloud – as long as the software isn’t updated.