250 copies available.

Minimum Records has announced its partnership with Austrian developer Lost in the Garden in bringing the soundtrack to its futuristic racing game out on vinyl.

The Lightfield Official Game Soundtrack is a limited edition double white vinyl LP and comes in a gatefold cover featuring art work by Anouvong Southiphong.

Soundtrack composer Zanshin has put together a collection of tracks from a variety of styles. The majority of the soundtrack could be described as ambient techno and breakbeat, but it’s not all fast-paced, energetic music. “Cleaver Clearance” is a more relaxed chillhop style beat, while ambient and down-tempo examples such as “Esmeralda the Swift” and “Lunathotsuki” help bring some balance to the album.

Pre-orders are open now at Minimum Records and limited to 250 copies.

The Lightfield Official Game Soundtrack vinyl will be released on 28th May. For more details, including additional photos of the album, pricing, and pre-orders, please head over to the Minimum Records website.

The soundtrack is also available to stream from Spotify and purchase digitally.

Lightfield isn’t your typical racing game as it takes inspiration from free-running to make the courses omnidirectional. Available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Hyper Edition coming later in the year on Steam, see the game in motion in the console launch trailer below: