A Rock Band Rewind classic to complement a new track.

This week’s Rock Band 4 downloadable content includes a couple of rock songs, one from the early 2000s and the other – more contemporary one – from last year.

The two DLC tracks this week are:

  • The Strokes – “Reptilia” (Rewind)
  • The Warning – “Survive” (Free for owners of Rock Band Rivals only)

Tracks can be bought individually; “Survive” is a free song for Rock Band Rivals owners.

Taken from the release notes:

The Strokes first appeared in Rock Band with their single “Reptilia”. A hit on the Modern Rock Tracks in America and the UK Singles Chart, the song has become one of the band’s best known tracks thanks to a strong guitar line and pop culture appearances throughout the 2000s. This week, we’re releasing the track for anyone to purchase, not just those who already had the Rock Band 1 export prior to Rock Band 4’s release. The drums are fast and dense, as you’d expect from the garage punk sound. There’s a ton of kicks all over, including when the song comes down in the prechorus, so don’t think your feet will get a break.

The Warning are a special band to us here at Harmonix. Originally sisters that played Rock Band together, they’re now sisters that play in a real band together. That’s super cool! We included a song from their first EP on the Rock Band 4 disc (“Free Falling”, go check it out again) and now we’ve got a song from The Warning’s debut album last year just for Rivals owners. “Survive” features some good harmonies from the members of the band and a fun drum part, changing up a few times. The guitar’s got a chugging chord pattern throughout, and plays a quick repeating riff through the outro. Be sure to pick it up and check out the rest of XXI Century Blood.

Both tracks will be available from Thursday, 17th May.

To get an idea of the pace and structure of the songs, watch the DLC video below: