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Materia Collective has announced that the soundtrack to puzzle adventure game Ceress and Orea is now available.

Developed by Plueschkatze, the game has a love story at its core as Ceress is sentenced to death and must find her way out of the Abyss back to the living world to be reunited with her love, Orea.

Ceress and Orea’s composer, Ryan Fogleman, spoke about the titular female characters and some of the inspiration behind the game’s soundtrack.

“I knew that it needed a score that was touching and gripping without being overly grandiose – since there are relatively few named characters in the game, there was a lot of opportunity to write leitmotifs and focus on the detailed musical representation of every area and character, as well as the relationship between the titular women, Ceress and Orea.

“A great deal of the inspiration for the Ceress and Orea score came from Gareth Coker’s soundtrack forĀ Ori and the Blind Forest, as well as the work of Yuji Nomi, Joe Hisaishi and Darren Korb. The overall atmosphere of the game lent itself to music that wasn’t particularly bombastic – aside from a few tracks featuring full orchestra, much of the score is set with solo piano, small string ensembles, and atmospheric synthesizer patches. With Ceress and Orea, I wanted to create music that payed [sic] homage to the sorts of atmospheric, mystical games and films that I’ve always held dear.”

The soundtrack – which contains 13 songs with a runtime of 24 minutes – is available now at Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

For more information, credits, and a full tracklisting, please head over to the Materia Collective website.