“… you should be able to close your eyes and still understand what is going on… “

Developed by Plausible Concept, Bad North is a real-time tactics game where players control a group of ragtag soldiers as they progress through procedurally generated islands, fending off hordes of Nordic raiders while gathering resources.

In a recent interview conducted by Nintendo UK, Richard Meredith (Programming, Design & Business Development), Oskar Stålberg (Art, Design & Programming), and Martin Kvale (Audio & Music) spoke about the origins of the game’s development, how combat and other features affect gameplay, and the inspiration behind the art style.

“The sound design got started after the game had found its strong visual style, and in addition the characters move on the islands in a manner that feels lifelike. Therefore the clearest inspiration [behind the sound design] was the game itself, and what we felt was needed to convey through sound. The first thing we solved was actually the slow-time sound effect that informed the player that you have now slowed down time to get some time to think.”

The team were inspired by the idea of the battles being “a diorama of a real battle” and these ‘tiny beings’ fighting ‘in the player’s hands’, so to speak.

“It’s also really important that the sound design complements and enhances the readability of the game. You can hear every clash of swords and arrow impact, so as battles progress and the Vikings invade, you should be able to close your eyes and still understand what is going on in the game.”

Visit the Nintendo website to read the full interview and if you haven’t seen the game in action yet, watch Bad North’s announcement trailer below.

Bad North is published by Raw Fury and scheduled for release this Summer on Nintendo Switch. The game is also coming to Windows and mobile platforms.