The last of Season 5’s DLC.

The final week of Rock Band Rivals season 5 is here and with it this week’s Rock Band 4 DLC tracks feature some ’90s alternative rock and ’70s R&B.

  • Jesus Jones – “Right Here, Right Now” (part of the Season 5 Spotlight Pass)
  • Sister Sledge – “We Are Family”

Taken from the release notes:

Jesus Jones’ 1990 hit, “Right Here, Right Now” finishes off the Season 5 Spotlight Pass this week. From the band’s second album Doubt, the song was a hit in the US and UK, reaching #2 in the States and selling over a million singles because of it. Back in the UK, Doubt topped the charts and “Right Here, Right Now” went on to win a BMI Award. The guitar chart is made up of overdubbed guitars, giving you plenty to do during the song. The toughest part of the song is drums though, with a fast breakbeat to learn. The third harmony line is actually made up of whispers that are covered up in most versions of the song, but they’re aligned with the other parts, so you’ll be able to time them your first time through.

“We Are Family” rounds out the week, from R&B group Sister Sledge. Considered the band’s signature song, it was released as a single from the album of the same name and reached #1 on both the Billboard R&B and Dance Club Songs charts. The song has been covered by a slew of different artists through the years in a variety of styles. As the genre is known for, there’s lots to play on bass, ranking it above guitar in-game. Vocals are hard, and there’s a number of riffs at the end of the song, so strong vocalists can show off and everyone else can use the song to become a strong vocalist!

Rivals Season 5 lasts a total of eight weeks and players who buy the Season 5 Spotlight Pass (no longer purchasable from 2nd May when the season ends) will permanently unlock the Spotlight Song in each week’s Rivals Mode challenge. A total of eight songs will be received by the end of the season.

Songs can be purchased individually.