“It’s a very powerful way to immerse you… “

In a recent interview with Gamereactor, The Persistence game director Stuart Tilley spoke about how the virtual reality sci-fi stealth horror game uses sound design to heighten the sense of danger for the player.

When asked how Firesprite Studios made sure players would find a VR game like The Persistence scary, Tilley replied: “VR does a lot of the hard work in this respect! VR games are just so immersive, that it doesn’t take you long until you are completely lost in a game.”

“In The Persistence, we used Sound Design extensively to enhance the feeling that danger is never far away,” Tilley explained. “From the subtle creeping dread of the audio scape, to the distant scuttling sound of Lurkers, and the muffled sound of mutants just the other side of the wall. It’s a very powerful way to immerse you in to the world and to build tension, so when a Lurker eventually comes screaming out of the shadows right at you, well, it can really give you a fright!”

Head over to Gamereactor for the full interview where other topics include approaches to providing comfort while moving in a VR game, using a mobile app to complement gameplay, and more.

Watch the launch trailer for The Persistence.

The Persistence is a procedurally generated sci-fi stealth horror game developed by Firesprite Studios exclusively for PlayStation VR.