From the composer of Unreal, and Deus Ex.

Materia Collective has announced that the soundtrack to Mothership Entertainment’s city-building game Aven Colony is available now.

Composer Alexander Brandon has put together a selection of orchestral scores to complement the sense of accomplishment while players progress through the game. He also spoke about the challenges of writing music in ‘layers’ but overall was pleased with how the music turned out.

“The team requested a feeling of ‘organic synthesis’ and low key tonal beds when the player first begins building,” explained Brandon. “As they progress, the music will shift using the same beds but add orchestra for a grandiose representation of their accomplishments to represent the ‘glory of civilization.’ It was challenging writing vertically with layers as opposed to writing music in a horizontal way with segments like ‘action’ or ‘exploration.’ The team was very pleased with the results and I think the style fits the game very well.”

The album’s not entirely instrumental as tracks like “Hyla’s Crescent Rising” feature vocals from Elizabeth Zharoff of the Los Angeles Opera.

The soundtrack is available now from Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, and Spotify.

Brandon’s other video game composer credits include PC classics such as Unreal, Deus Ex, and more recently FIVE: Guardians of David. He currently runs an audio production group called Funky Rustic with his wife Jeanette.

For additional information on Aven Colony (Original Game Soundtrack) including a full tracklisting, and album credits, please head over to the Materia Collective website.